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  1. Amy Winehouse Thread: now with added shitstorm and actual death.
  2. Random Celebrity Gossip
  3. Tiger Tiger Woods y'all!
  4. Guess Who Died? (The Dead Celebrities Thread)
  5. M.I.A. is angry about the New York Times! and Gaga! And you! And your sister!
  7. Bein' Miley
  8. Blind Gossip
  9. The View & Elisabitch
  10. Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!
  11. What the hell happened to Mel Gibson?
  12. kindsay lohan drama llamas! off to jail!
  13. Roman Polanski Extradition Request REJECTED By Switzerland
  14. Take That party becomes a crowd as deteriorating pop star claws way back into lineup.
  15. GOOP or POOP? The Gwyneth Paltrow Thread.
  16. Montana Fishburne, Porn Star
  17. Celebs forced to come out of the closet-The Queen Latifah Edition
  18. Oh no Fantasia! American Idol suffers "medication overdose"
  19. Dr. Laura: Still a Cunt
  20. How much per episode TV stars make
  21. What is up with Angelina Jolie's neck?
  22. Christina Aguilera disgraceful!
  23. Congressman Chris Lee resigns
  24. Bieber on Abortion... Get ready to vomit
  25. charlie sheen career (and possibly existence) deathwatch
  26. Teen Moms Cashing In
  27. Heavens, me! The Royal Wedding! (Now with added crotch-dropping)
  28. Casey Anthony Trial
  29. Tracey Morgan is a Douche-- discuss
  30. Anyone follow the 'West Memphis 3' case?
  31. Celebrities Before They Were Famous
  32. courtney stodden twitter love
  33. Kim Kartrashian and the rest of her gross clan
  34. "It's important to me to feel my bones": the celebrity body issues thread!
  35. Miranda Grosvenor
  36. Boy George In A Gaga World - and other twittershitstorms
  37. selling pictures?
  38. How to act when meeting a celeb!
  39. The Curious Case of Connie Marshall
  40. TomKat SPLIT!
  41. Singer Lauryn Hill is facing jail time after pleading guilty to tax evasion.
  42. Help send Pitbull to Alaska (for real)
  43. just another hard working single mom: OCTOMOM!
  44. The Lady Gaga fur debacle, and other general LG-related annoyances
  45. Chris Brown should be removed from the gene pool.
  46. America's Next Top Model's Jael Strauss Addicted to Crystal Meth...
  47. Mariah Carey vs Nicki Minaj on Idol - IT BEGINS
  48. Britney Spears Gossip/Drama/Meltdown/Comeback
  49. dear leann rimes: stop trying to make leann rimes happen
  50. donald trump is a raving lunatic
  51. Random Celebrity Gossip (for the menz)
  52. katy perry is a christian, not a feminist and has cream-filled breasts
  53. the unofficially official justin bieber is a douche thread
  54. The Ruins of Celebrity Faces/Bodies
  55. the curious case of amanda bynes
  56. Reality Show Crazies, featuring Amy's Baking Company
  57. Michael Jackson : list of court evidence revealed
  58. The "Woody Allen is Probably Disgusting" Thread
  59. Harvard's Satanic Black Mass Cancelled After Outrage
  60. Celebrities that need to fade into obscurity this year!
  61. Elijah Wood says Hollywood is filled with pedophiles