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  8. Gay stuff: "There's no use in you throwing women at me"
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  13. converted (?) homosexual cant possibly be serious
  14. Doctor Treating Pregnant Women to Stop Lesbian Babies.
  15. Honesty about sex and stupid speech.
  16. Former GA State Secretary: Gay Parents "not in the best interest of the child".
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  18. Let's talk about LGBT Pride.
  19. Indiana Hospital Says No Transgender Patients Allowed!
  20. Man Kills Infant For Acting Like A Girl
  21. A pill to De-Gay us?
  22. should I stay or should I go ?
  23. Following "gay protocol"
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  25. Gay couple discriminated at granite store
  26. Thank you President Mary McAleese
  27. Only one in 100 Britons is gay...
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  41. Melanie Phillips versus Johann Hari : "Why is it wrong to protect gay children?"
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  43. Trans woman attacked over trying to use the womens restroom
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  46. Reaching out to parents?
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  48. What bugs you about being queer?
  49. Being Queer is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
  50. Straight for Jesus?
  51. Teacher fired over gay porn past
  52. Newly Elected Jamacian PM Supports LGBT Rights
  53. Tennessee Conservatives Seek Protections For Religious Bullies
  54. "Gay men don't get fat"
  55. 14-year-old Girl Scout calls for cookie boycott over transgender inclusiveness
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  59. Stuff straight people say to gays
  60. UK Government consultation on marriage
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  62. Prides, Mardi Grasses, and soforth
  63. Metro State Student Claims Straight Discrimination
  64. Eat Mor Chikin? Not at Chick-fil-A.
  65. Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate
  66. Celebrating famous folk who come out publicly
  67. Paris Hilton's "gays are disgusting" rant
  68. Azealia Banks and homophobic slurs
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  70. Julie Burchill Observer article
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  72. I see homosexuals on TV! Scandalous! (Activism WOW!)
  73. Canada: Gays can now donate blood (under one condition)
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  76. "Gay couple" found IN THE BIBLE!
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  78. Recruit LGB participants for my study(Minority Stress and LGB Depression)
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  90. Parents-in-law likely homophobes - but you still have to meet them