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Does anybody have a boot?

American Pie/Smells Like Teen Spirit | Pretty Good Year | Crucify | Icicle | Precious Things | Happy Phantom | God | Silent All These Years | The Waitress | Leather | Bells for Her | Me and a Gun | Baker Baker

E n c o r e 1 : Cornflake Girl | Tear In Your Hand

E n c o r e 2 : Summertime | Winter


When she was told that its [Smells Like Teen Spirit] author, Kurt Cobain, used to play it [her cover of it] every morning full blast, Amos was gratified. "That means a lot to me," she says from Washington on the eve of a 110-show U.S. tour. "What a great talent," she says of Cobain. "The night after we heard he had died, I played Berlin in a church. And it's funny because I didn't know Eddie Vedder was doing this the same night, but we did American Pie." The 1970 hit about "the day the music died" was played in conjunction with Teen Spirit, Amos says. "I do it sometimes on the tour now. I did it in Dublin a few weeks ago and 2,000 were singing. There's just a moment sometimes when I just go, 'God, I don't know if people realize the musical mind that we lost.' I can't speak of the friend that he was because I didn't know him on that level. But there was a respect from the music side that I had for him. And I feel like I understood what he was doing. And it would make me smile when I heard something of his. I'd say, 'Thank you! For taking me out of this boredom.' And I can't say that now."
-- Tori; Hartford Courant, 1994

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It was 3 songs from this concert that they once played on the radio that pulled me in.
Big love for this show!