View Full Version : Macbook Pro Display Replacement (eBay help!)

04-02-2012, 07:36 PM
I dropped my Macbook Pro a year or so ago [cry] but it's been working fine. The display, however, has been increasingly problematic (hinges don't work properly, alignment is off, front display bezel is cracked). Lately it stopped closing properly because the magnetic locks won't engage.

That said, I found a complete display assembly listed on ebay for around $250 and the seller has 100% positive feedback. It was described as having "cosmetic wear and tear, such as from a return or store display model."

Here's what's wrong with it:

- The hinge has a small chunk missing
- The hinge does not lay flat against the rear display piece
- The Apple logo is green (?!) which indicates to me that's it's aftermarket, not a return or store display as described
- There are chips and dings all along the bottom of the rear display where it lines up with the hinges, but no corresponding marks and dings on the hinges. I don't mind the chips, but it indicates to me that it was removed from one unit and paired with hinges from a different unit. Again, not as described.

So my questions are this:
1. Am I right to want to return this item as "not as described?" I wasn't expecting it to be brand new, and it will function properly once installed...but it won't lay perfectly flat, which is the problem I'm already having.

2. If he does take the return, is there a cheaper way to fix this? I am not paying $850 for a complete display assembly (which is what I see them going for on fixit websites)

04-02-2012, 08:50 PM
I'm not an expert on Macbook displays, but I'd definitely agree that the item is not as described. That's far beyond cosmetic wear and tear to me.