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03-15-2014, 11:58 AM
I went to see a jazz concert the other day, Tord Gustavsen Quartet, beautiful Scandinavian, ECM label contemporary jazz.. and it struck me that many of Tori's songs would totally work in this context, In the same way that Tori toured with the quartet and did 'night of hunters', tapping into the Classical world, I'd love to see her tour with an amazing jazz drummer, double bassist and saxophonist...many of her songs have such a rich harmonic complexity it would really work I think, and it woud be really interesting to introduce that sense of spaciousness and balance between solo and rock sound... was thinking particularly of songs like 'Pandora's Aquarium', 'Liquid Diamonds', "Girl', 'Suede' 'Marianne'....
I think that while Tori clearly isn't a 'jazz' musician, there are jazz threads and elements in her work, in the same way there are classical, and it would be really interesting..