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04-28-2014, 03:40 PM
Hey guys, I thought it would be nice to have a section devoted to figuring out when and where particular live tracks are from. I'm incredibly OCD about my iTunes library, and like all of my live tracks to include the performance date and venue in the comments so I can sort them by year/month etc. I have several live tracks where this information completely escapes me, for instance:

Does anyone know when/where the live tracks on the "Hey Jupiter" single were recorded?

04-28-2014, 04:38 PM
I went to check my Hey Jupiter singles and was surprised that they don't include the info about where they were recorded. Anyway, I googled a bit, and the info I could find about those tracks is this (and for the record, it was very easy to find):

From The Dent: The CD does not state where the live songs were recorded, but the live version of Professional Widow was recorded in Boston at the Wang Center on May 21, 1996. Sugar may have been recorded at Madison Square Garden in New York City on May 15, 1996. There is debate about Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Some people claim it was recorded June 10, 1996 in Minneapolis, while others feel that is was recorded May 14, 1996 in New York at Madison Square Garden. Honey may have been from the show in Asheville NC on April 21.

And from some collectibles blog that I won't name because it has copyrighted material:

US Single
1. Hey Jupiter (The Dakota Version)
2. Sugar (Live in New York - 5/15/96)
3. Honey (Live in Asheville 4/21/96)
4. Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version) (Live in Boston - 5/21/96)
5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live in New York - 5/14/96)

Maybe if you find the bootlegs for said shows you could compare, but I don't know if they're available.