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    PJ Harvey - Info and FAQs

    Similar to the thread that is there in the Kate Forum, I propose such a thread for PJ.

    Gonna post it first - it can be a collaborative effort! Post any info, interesting links, or anything you think a newbie / long term PJ fan will find interesting or essential.

    Take a look at the Kate forum one if you're looking for inspiration:

    Sound like a good idea? Defo gonna do an album list linking to album discussion threads and the like. And have any new info re: the new album in one thread too. I might go through the long PJ thread and snatch all the relevant posts about it and make a "Let England Shake" thread.

    PJ (Polly Jean) Harvey

    Who is PJ Harvey?
    PJ (Polly Jean) Harvey is an English singer-writer and musician from Dorset. Her musical career came to prominence in October 1991 when John Peel nominated the debut single "Dress" as his "Single Of The Week" in Melody Maker. The following spring the debut album "Dry" was released. Since then, it's been her aim to never repeat herself musically from album to album, and as such is hard to confine to a single genre, as her output has included rock, punk, blues, folk, electronica, and pop. Her output from "Dry" to "White Chalk" is wildly diverse, while still retaining the indelible mark of her own individual musical sound.

    Solo Albums (except for the first two):
    1. Dry (1992) (as PJ Harvey, the band)
    2. Rid Of Me (1993) (as PJ Harvey, the band)
    3. 4-track Demos (1993)
    4. To Bring You My Love (1995)
    5. Is This Desire? (1998)
    6. Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (2000)
    7. Uh Huh Her (2004)
    8. The Peel Sessions 1991–2004 (2006)
    9. White Chalk (2007)
    10. Let England Shake (2011)

    Albums With John Parish
    1. Dance Hall At Louse Point (1996)
    2. A Woman A Man Walked By (2009)

    Useful links
    A Comprehensive Gigography over at TheGardenForum.
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