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Thread: Torrent #337450 PJ Harvey - Centrale del Tennis, Roma, Italy 2004-06-20 *reseed

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    Torrent #337450 PJ Harvey - Centrale del Tennis, Roma, Italy 2004-06-20 *reseed

    Torrent #337450 PJ Harvey - Centrale del Tennis, Roma, Italy 2004-06-20 *reseed
    Torrent file pj harvey 2004-06-20 - centrale del tennis, roma.torrent (will be personalized for you upon download)
    Downloads as pj harvey 2004-06-20 - centrale del tennis, roma
    Info hash 60fa3b604ea54ca992e6f37247c52807ed4ac6d1
    Description another reseed from the early EZT/DIME days.Thanks to Elvis for taping
    and David for sharing and boomcha for the upload in Oct 2004

    original textfile :
    PJ Harvey
    Centrale del Tennis,
    Roma, Italy

    recorded for the world by Elvis (
    shared with the world by David (

    md sony mz-r35 (mic sony ecm-ms907) > wav (eac) > flac (dBpowerAMP)

    A+ sincerely, this sounds just about fucking amazing


    01. Uh Huh Her
    02. Meet Ze Monsta
    03. The Letter
    04. Big Exit
    05. Who The Fuck?
    06. Dress
    07. Fountain
    08. Evol
    09. A Perfect Day Elise
    10. Shame
    11. Plants & Rags
    12. Good Fortune
    13. Down By The Water
    14. My Beautiful Leah
    15. Taut
    16. Harder
    17. Cat On The Wall
    18. The Whores Hustle & The Hustlers Whore...
    19. You Come Through


    encore one

    20. I Think I'm a Mother
    21. The Darker days Of Me & Him
    22. Victory

    encore two

    23. There Will Never Be A Better Time
    24. To Bring You My Love

    PJ Harvey (Vocals + guitar + broken shoe)
    Rob Ellis (drums + keyboards + vocals)
    Josh Klinghoffer (guitar + drums)
    Dingo (bass + keyboards)

    show was fucking amazing, just like the quality of this
    recording. one of the longest of the tour, wonderful setlist (though
    without any Rid of Me song).
    it wasn't a festival, it was her full show.
    poor polly broke a shoe.
    the flac and text files are the original files, the md5 file integrity
    signature list was added by me.

    8a9ee636f4d5f4fbb6088cab28e22bbf *cd1\Track01.flac
    0db16464e8445527cfa45e52d76b433f *cd1\Track02.flac
    f553bb26e88b9f37d56a80e999128add *cd1\Track03.flac
    f8116411de8e30d90997efa43d1714fa *cd1\Track04.flac
    806cebf28791de72ad97f4e6f82cf9b8 *cd1\Track05.flac
    0d75b3540ce072b6d90c89f1f363ad4d *cd1\Track06.flac
    e787f90f16baa2454f1a404e9abf6a87 *cd1\Track07.flac
    99a98b3e7884afc10fb830b7b73b4bc7 *cd1\Track08.flac
    191ea343512d4686e7bc84ad3b03d9dc *cd1\Track09.flac
    3be512349f8309811a31efc379c2bb96 *cd1\Track10.flac
    8e317dfa732601575602a9301582ccc9 *cd1\Track11.flac
    6a84507fd8dc632f279aa9cfd2e5d744 *cd1\Track12.flac
    b48276202710ff90ff3090222486c45c *cd1\Track13.flac
    63f5d88de306c47256ef12646dccafb8 *cd1\Track14.flac
    7a754068934c74396dafa9f98107f1ec *cd1\Track15.flac
    32a43946ea96ad9b15899540e2f54528 *cd1\Track16.flac
    ba0009cf7c9935f9c549aa200a59d909 *cd1\Track17.flac
    2ab81756d2060c13878db0043a7433ba *cd1\Track18.flac
    44d0e82952646804b2a1f8fe97c206a2 *cd1\Track19.flac
    aefaa274a90ed9fc5b86b3f8889339d7 *cd2\Track01.flac
    6f2cd4bc6129aa665551975d3e2fccee *cd2\Track02.flac
    b951ef78b08928c35be288228d4d21d9 *cd2\Track03.flac
    16d0adde2799c297230d672f44dec5ec *cd2\Track04.flac
    582268a08d8d598b236a1d54aece59b8 *cd2\Track05.flac

    Category Alternate
    Size 614.56 MB (644,411,005 bytes)
    Added Mon 27th Dec, 2010 08:58 GMT
    Upped by Vierstein91
    Num files[See full list] 26 files
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