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Thread: The Peel Sessions 1991-2004

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    The Peel Sessions 1991-2004

    THE PEEL SESSIONS 1991-2004

    Released: October 2006

    Oct.29, 1991
    • Oh My Lover
    • Victory
    • Sheela-Na-Gig
    • Water

    Mar.2, 1993

    • Naked Cousin
    • Wang Dang Doodle

    Sep.5, 1996
    • Losing Ground
    • Snake
    • That Was My Veil

    Nov.10, 2000
    • This Wicked Tongue
    • Beautiful Feeling

    Dec.16, 2004
    • You Come Through

    A compilation of Polly's BBC sessions for the late DJ John Peel. John was an early champion of Polly's music, giving "Dress" its earliest plays on radio, and this collection features a touching handwritten tribute by Polly.

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    I think this is a very underrated collection. The performances here are all good, and Water, Snake, and That Was My Veil are all excellent. You Come Through is also beautiful and filled with such emotion that it blows the studio version out of the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHV View Post
    I think this is a very underrated collection.
    It also speaks volumes as to what kind of friend PJ is. If I remember correctly, this was released shortly after Peel passed away. So, it wasn't like she was releasing to cash in like most artists do with this type of material. It was her way of paying tribute to a really close friend who supported her as an artist. She's a class act, in my opinion.

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    this is a really nice album, as it showcases PJ Harvey her talent in a compilation - maybe one day she will release a best of, or another kind of compilation that will make it easier for a casual fan to explore her work.

    I found it very nice to be able to hear Wang Dang Doodle ! It's such a fun side from her - lately I've been listening to Dinah Washington and she has done some funny, tongue in cheek blues songs. I'm not sure if the material Dinah sung would suit PJ Harvey well, I think with the right songs that is a style that might her well from time to time

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    But yes, it's a cute album.
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    I think she must have included the songs that were John's favorites, or songs that remind her of him. The 1991 session must have been the first time they met, so of course that's there. You Come Through is from their last session. She probably didn't want to clutter it up with songs that "unimportant" to their relationship.
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