So, I still have the worst psychiatrist ever, but it's free and it's the only one I can afford right now (specially since the medication are 300% more expensive than last year). A couple of months ago I started noticing that Ambien was doing no effect on me anymore, so I started taking two per night. Still couldn't sleep. So fuck ambien, I asked him for something new, so he gave me zopiclone (according to Wikipedia, the brand names are Zimovane and Imovane). It worked for a while; I could sleep but I didn't rest. You know, like when you had a good sleep and you wake up with energy? Well, not the case with zopiclone (plus, I'm taking clonazepam and Lamotrigine, a.k.a.Lamictal. Fuck bipolar disorde type 2).
So, as I have the worst psychiatrist, I told him I didn't want to take zopiclone anymore and I wanted ambien back. And he was ok with that. Man, I missed it so much. I am having one of those weeks where living is so fucking hard, but at least I know that I will sleep and the first minutes in the morning, when you are not still aware of your problems, are marvelous.
I do have a great psychologist. Poor girl, she struggles really hard with me, I see that.