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Thread: Live PJ Requests

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    I don't think so

    I thought it was performed once? In the UK?

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    Who what where now?

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    Sorry the reply thing didn't work. I was talking about We Float.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octopussy View Post
    So... I'm really digging the '95 era again (thanks to new PJ music and..Natasha Kahn's current makeup?) and was wondering..... Have any higher quality 1995 recordings surfaced since I posted here, like 5 years ago? Even if it's just one song, like from a compilation or random upload etc. I've played the shit out of Glastonbury, Evening Sessions, and all those radio sessions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GerriSferrazza View Post
    Omg, Rockwerchter '95 is that yes. Stellar.

    "Replies are a combination of nonsense, unrelated comments and inside jokes"‎

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    Hahahaha. Remember Soul Coughing

    Jesus christ. '90s music really is the best though. I would've bought tickets see 3/4 of the bands listed there.

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    A 720p pro-shot recording (webcast) of the last concert of the summer tour - Rock en Seine.

    DOWNLOAD (Mediafire, 1.46 GB, .zip archive with a .ts file)


    01 Chain of Keys
    02 The Ministry of Defence
    03 The Community of Hope
    04 Shame
    05 All and Everyone
    06 Let England Shake
    07 The Words That Maketh Murder
    08 The Glorious Land
    09 Dear Darkness
    10 White Chalk
    11 In the Dark Places
    12 The Wheel
    13 The Ministry of Social Affairs
    14 50ft Queenie
    15 Down by the Water
    16 To Bring You My Love
    17 River Anacostia

    18 Highway 61 Revisited
    19 The River

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