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Thread: Tori's worst song

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    Awww, what's with all the Digital Ghost, Police Me and NDT hate? I love those!

    Ok, mine are a little different and might piss people off. This is not reallly 'worst songs' as they are rather 'annoy the crap out of me songs':

    In the catagory "Crap, but are entertaining for silly dancing purposes or singing along too loudly, preferably off key"

    500 Miles
    Harps of Gold
    Cars & Guitars

    In the catagory "Snoozefest"(/melancholic mess)

    Jamaica Inn
    Martha' Foolish Ginger
    Maybe California

    In the catagory "Something about it pisses me off so much I can't listen to it"

    Jackie (the 'eh Jackie eh Jackie' part
    Josephine (could also be catagorized in "Snoozefest", but it's mosley the drums that piss me off)

    there are probably more, but this is offs the top of my head

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    I think Cars and Guitars is truly the bottom of the barrel. Not only is it cheesy and uninspired, not only is it generic, not only does it feature Tori's tragic attempts at beatboxing but it has some of her worst, grossest, most embarrassing lyrics ever. Just TMI to the max.

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    Not Dying Today is a terrible, terrible song. So's the one with the blackberry girl lyric.

    Live, I hate her cover of Over the Rainbow. It's so dull.

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    shatter shattered
    A Silent Night With You

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    Posse Bonus
    Sister Named Desire
    Dark Side of the Sun


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    I still can't believe she has a song called Posse Bonus. And what was going through her mind when she sang "this is your extray"?!

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    Aww, I don't mind Posse Bonus, 'cuz I think it's just meant to be a joke.

    The worst, to me, are the ones I cannot listen to no matter: HOOCHIE WOMAN takes the cake, with IRELAND chasing it hungrily.

    I have a hard time with Mr. BAD MAN ever since someone mentioned how much it sounds like the Sesame Street theme. It's all I can hear now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by menju56 View Post
    I still can't believe she has a song called Posse Bonus. And what was going through her mind when she sang "this is your extray"?!
    I think she was trying to make a pun on "this is your extra-A" like extra A-side?

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    Cars and Guitars
    Police Me
    Not Dying Today

    They are just all sorts of wrong and make me stab the "next" button.

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    Cars & Guitars, Hoochie Woman, Not Dying Today, Maybe California, Mary Jane, Ophelia. How can I pick just one when she's shat out so many gems the past few years?!

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    I think we have a pretty good consensus here! A few years ago I would have said Cars and Guitars was my least favorite song, but it's grown on me for some strange reason. I saw it performed live in 07 or 09 so I guess it changed my perception, plus it's fun to sing along with. Here's my list, in no particular order:

    1. Cars and Guitars (I like it, but it's still a bad song)
    2. Ireland (Again, it's pretty fun but not Tori for me)
    3. Sister Named Desire
    4. Mary Jane (Bleh; I like the piano, but I can't even appreciate the cheesiness)
    5. Fat Slut (LOL. Really?)
    6. Ode to My Clothes (It could've been kept in the "vault")
    7. Angels (We're trapping angeeeheeuhnnnllss, nuff said)

    Even though I consider these to be some of her worst that does not mean that I do not listen to them on occassion.

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    I want to say Dark Side of the Sun, but my objection to that is mainly lyrical. There's not a good lyric anywhere in that song. It's horrific. But the melody/production are actually good, so I guess I can't really call it her WORST song.

    Worst song all around--melody, lyrics, production, everything?--has got to be Ribbons Undone, I think.

    Worst vocal performance? Drive All Night, hands down.

    (I think a good idea for a related thread would be "Worst Production Missteps That Ruined Otherwise Fantastic Songs.")
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    Disagreement! I actually think the Drive All Night vocal is pretty great, love the raw and raspy quality. The Baby Voice of Midwinter Graces is far more offensive to my ears.

    I like your thread idea.

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    Not Dying Today, hands down. Dyin', fryin', rather have a lie in? Come on! Worst lyrical offender of the entire career.

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    I like the thread idea too, but it should include songs that are ruined by awful harmony vocals.

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