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Thread: Let England Shake: the all-purpose thread.

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    It doesn't, but what a fantastic track! Does it remind you of the Constantinople riff on the title track of LES?

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    Reminds me of the chorus of Words that Maketh Murder, around the 0:06 mark and a couple of times during the track.

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    I am revisiting this in preparation for Hope Six!!!

    These are my new track rankings:

    1. England -- I don't know how I ignored this one, but now I'm wishing there was more like it on LES. It's a clear descendant of White Chalk (similar to the live versions of Grow Grow Grow, is it not?) and the way PJ's voice and guitar blend effortlessly with the ululations and dissonant horns are a brilliantly subtle stylistic change. Plus I just love songs that use juxtaposition to make a statement. There's also a breezy, tropical island quality to her strumming, like someone dreaming of their home in England from a far off place.

    2. The Guns Called Me Back Again -- A b-side, I know, but I miss that lower register so much on this album.
    3. The Last Living Rose
    4. Hanging in the Wire
    5. In the Dark Places -- My favorite lyrics, and I love the dynamic from verse to chorus to post-chorus.
    6. All and Every One -- I love this one in pieces, it's only the "death was blah blah" parts that get to be a bit much.

    7. On the Battleship Hill -- I would rank this higher, but the jaunty intro is so off-putting to me.
    8. Let England Shake
    9. The Glorious Land
    10. The Words That Maketh Murder -- This one used to be a favorite, maybe I'm just burnt out on it.
    11. Written on the Forehead -- Same.
    12. Bitter Branches -- The new vocal style isn't right for this, IMO.
    13. The Colour of the Earth -- Just not for me.

    The other b-side... The Nightingale? I forget what that one's like.
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