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Thread: What are you watching - the TV edition

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    13 reasons why

    God damn... I finished it 3 days ago and it is still on my mind.
    At first I thought the characters were too much High School stereotypes (maybe for a reason?) but they got under my skin real quick.
    The final few episodes were tough going, especially that inevitable scene.
    God damn...

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    Anybody watching Love? Apatow isn't really my bag. But there are enough other people involved that I don't really notice his influence. It's a pretty entertaining watch.

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    I am on episode 7 of The Keepers.
    This is really a brilliantly made, brilliantly documented series.

    I'm taking a bit of a break from it come here and talk about it. At the point where I am in the series we've just learned about these two new suspects from their respective nieces and immediately I started to think of that movie from maybe 10 years ago called The Dead Girl and how one of those stories in that very fine movie is about the wife of the killer. She sees it but she doesn't see it totally that her husband is doing all this and that. And that's what I am getting from these relatives. It's shocking but not shocking how long people sit on information like this.

    That's what I love the most about this show... you have so many elements to it but at the end of the day this is a story about decades and decades of people keeping secrets mostly because they can't really connect the secrets to anything really big. I love that line Gemma says about being in a room full of electric wires and having absolutely no way of connecting them.

    I also think about the incredible character that Facebook is in all of this. How you can use something like Facebook to gather information about a crime and a series of crimes from so far back. Makes you wonder how many cold cases could be solved if only there were more Abbie's and Gemma's in the world on their computers, sitting at home, doing there best to gather the tiniest bit of information.

    Ok, back to the show I go.
    "Washing Machiiiiiine" - Kate Bush

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    It's on the USA network. I didn't know anything going into it, but with each episode a little bit more is revealed, and I'm 3 episodes in and I'm hooked.

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