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Thread: 10 Favorite/10 Least Favorite Madonna Songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey View Post
    List your top 10 favorite Madonna songs and your top 10 least favorite Madonna songs.

    Top 10 Favorite:

    01. I'll Remember
    02. Rain
    03. Has to Be
    04. Open Your Heart
    05. Cherish
    06. Frozen
    07. You'll See
    08. La Isla Bonita
    09. Drowned World/Substitute For Love
    10. Borderline

    Honorable Mentions: Amazing, Promise to Try, Secret Garden

    Top 10 Least Favorite:

    01. 4 Minutes
    02. Hey You
    03. I'm So Stupid
    04. Mother and Father
    05. Push
    06. Love Song
    07. One More Chance
    08. Revolver
    09. Candy Shop
    10. Dance 2night

    Dishonorable Mentions: Beat Goes On, Cry Baby, American Pie
    Let's see if any of this has changed:

    Top 10 Favorite:

    01. I'll Remember
    02. Rain
    03. Open Your Heart
    04. Has to Be
    05. Live to Tell
    06. Cherish
    07. Frozen
    08. You'll See
    09. Borderline
    10. Dress You Up

    Top 10 Least Favorite:

    01. 4 Minutes
    02. Best Friend
    03. Superstar
    04. I Fucked Up
    05. Veni Vidi Vici
    06. Hey You
    07. Best Night
    08. HeartBreakCity
    09. Girl Gone Wild
    10. Mother and Father

    Jesus, there was some SHIT on the last 2 albums, wasn't there? Some great stuff, sure, but also some all-time career lows.

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    I really like some of the songs on people's "worst" lists. LOL. I don't even know how to begin to do a Top 10--I'll try to get back to that later. But my least favorite Madonna songs are a lot easier to name. In no particular order, although "Hey You" probably tops the list:

    Hey You
    I'm So Stupid
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Love Makes the World Go Round
    White Heat
    Girl Gone Wild
    I Love New York
    Cry Baby
    Did You Do It? (I had the "clean" version of Erotica on CD when it came out--and then later on vinyl--so I tend to (mercifully) think of the album without this song)

    Those three True Blue songs--and the fact that I also dislike "Where's the Party?'--are why I rank True Blue as my least favorite Madonna album. The rest of the songs are brilliant, but the stuff I don't like takes up almost half of the album.

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    True Blue is not a very good album, it's true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeEP View Post
    no particular order:

    Favorite (no particular order):

    • Deeper and Deeper
    • Open Your Heart
    • Human Nature
    • Vogue
    • Secret
    • Die Another Day
    • Get Together
    • Impressive Instant
    • Don't Tell Me
    • Ray of Light

    Least Favorite (no particular order):

    • American Pie
    • Hey You
    • Push
    • She's Not Me
    • 4 Minutes
    • Mother and Father
    • Incredible
    • Miles Away
    • Shoo-Bee-Doo
    • Love Makes the World Go Round
    I would stand by this list...obviously a top 10 is nearly impossible. I’ll Remember and Angel and definitely Erotica/You Thrill Me and Music Inferno from Confessions Tour could easily be in the top 10 favorites too.

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    Lots from from Hard Candy thru MDNA :-(

    Give Me All You Luvin’
    Girl Gone Wild
    B-Day Song
    Dance 2Night
    Spanish Lesson
    Did You Do It

    Confession: I like Hey You. :-)~

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