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Thread: Night of Hunters, Goose Form

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    I was watching this new movie called The Little Stranger last night. At about 50 minutes into it, they were playing this song on the record player, and I recognized it immediately, but in my head I knew it had vocals/lyrics. It was really annoying me not being able to identify it. After 10 minutes of replaying that bit, it finally registered in my brain that it was Star Whisperer (Schubert).

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    I've been listening to some of the original pieces this album was inspired on and it's remarkable how hard it is to not mentally sing her lyrics over them.

    This record is convoluted at times but it could have been so much worse. She actually pulled off transforming these pieces of music into pop songs and somewhat succeeded in creating a world out of them.

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    I'm just so grateful that it introduced me to Alkan (and Jack Gibbons).

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