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Thread: The Google Thread. (because, we totally need one that isn't just android focused)

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    Google is running a pilot test in New Zealand this month for a new method of spreading internet access using high altitude balloons. No, seriously:

    Apparently, two thirds of the world don't have access to the internet and they seem to think that this method will be a cheaper way to get more people able to access the internet if they so choose.

    (warning: voice over is by a child, which makes it a little too cloyingly sweet for my taste.)

    This one has more info and is more interesting, delving into the balloons and where they want them to be in the atmosphere:

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    eta...hold up, think I may have gotten it taken care of...gonna try when I get home from work...unless you just like geeking out on dual-boot OS's and figuring out what all this shit is on the motherboard and have any input to share

    hi. would someone who knows what they're doing (cuz I sure as shit don't apparently) and who feels comfortable security-wise download the bootable drive exe file from this page, run it, and place the resulting file(s) in my Drive? I'm so far down the rabbit hole and don't even remember WTF I was doing all this for except I killed my chromebook.
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    ok I finally gave up on that before I put my face through a wall and just bought a cheap HP laptop for the interim. I started fucking with it again a couple weeks ago. The Chrome recovery image app wouldn't burn and then wouldn't burn and then wouldn't burn a 695th time and then it decided it would. The USB boot on the chromebook worked to the point of bringing up a login screen, except the touchpad all of a sudden wouldn't and I don't have a mouse for it. (oh, and then the USB boot wouldn't work again).

    I thought about using my phone as a wireless mouse but of course can't do that because I'd have to get into the damn thing to install the software which would require a mouse which would require software installation which was require a mouse which would....oh did I say that already? I guess my brain only works in endless rabbit hole loops now, just like any support documents on the Internet (thank you Google [fuck you Google] for linking me to page after page after page that ends up back at the page where I started).

    So I finally got Gallium installed today, even without a functioning touchpad and only using the keyboard. I think the issue is either that I disconnected something incorrectly when I was under the hood removing the write protection screw (but I checked again and everything seems like it's attached correctly) or the kernel needs to be modified (possibly downgraded).

    Does anyone who knows about this stuff think this might be something to try?

    I don't know why I continue to do shit like this. I always end up at borderline stroke level blood pressure and unable to even think words anymore.
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