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Thread: Before The Dawn 3CD/4LP Live Album - November 25, 2016

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    I know I'm joining a long queue of whingers, but you can totally hear the show needs the visual as well.

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    I kind of hate that she made The Ninth Wave literal. I find the genius of the second half of Hounds is the plasticity of the sequence, that it can be read with or without the whole drowning narrative. I wish she'd been more abstract in its live presentation. Also the sound quality (mixing?) seems variable in this section.

    That said, I LOVE A Sky of Honey - she adds the oomph missing from the tamer album versions. And Aerial is a proper rave-up.

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    Late to the part with this one (eek!) but BTD, at least the first half and the last 3 songs, have been in heavy rotation for me since it's release. I wasn't able to see the shows, it sold out before I could get a ticket. But I absolutely love the album. I tend not to listen to most of ASOH as I can hear how it was so visual as well as musical, but the more typical "concert" aspect of the album is amazing. Lily, Joanni, Top Of The City, Never Be Mine and KOTM are all, for me, huge improvements over the studio versions with way more power.

    My ONLY complaint about the set is the same complaint I have about all Kate's releases. STOP PRODUCING LIKE IT'S 1979! I know Kate prefers analogue and all those old methods, but Christ, in 2018 listening through headphones on the commute to work all her releases are so quiet and muddy in places. I don't always have chance to sit and listen on full surround sound, sometimes the iPod has to do. So yeh, that's kind of frustrating.
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    Agree 100%.

    The Before the Dawn CD has such a low, muddy sound that I have to break out the vinyl to enjoy listening to it.

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    She should release different masterings for different formats. Albums like Director's Cut and BTD are great on vinyl, but you can't even include songs from them on a playlist to listen at a party with friends because no one will hear anything.
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    ^I think Aerial had this problem too. Instruments mixed really low. King of the Mountain had a lot of interesting sonic things going on but was hard to hear in some places.

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