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Thread: PJH: your alternate album art?

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    PJH: your alternate album art?

    PJ is generally on-point with her album art and overall presentation, with a few exceptions. I was inspired to make this after seeing this bootleg of a rare 1996 show with John Parish, called Live at Louse Point. It looks better than the album!! Except for her eyes being closed on the cover

    Not a big fan of the Hope Six cover, it seems lazy -- even a picture of the same thing on a simple piece of fabric would've been more interesting. I like the messiness of the Uh Huh Her layout, but the cover could have used a better pic.

    That's all. Wouldn't change anything else!

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    I like the actual DHALP cover better. That looks very bootleggish.

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    The article Baltic posted in the Hope Six Demolition Project thread made me appreciate the current artwork better. But it's not my favourite.

    On the whole I really like all her artwork. It all seems to fit the music well, from the scrappy cover of UHH to the severe, sparse Victorian look on White Chalk.

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    Is This Desire cover is AWESOME. It's dark, creepy; you see that cover and you don't know what it's going to sound like.
    And the picture of Rid Of Me. C'mon, that's genius.
    LES and HSDP have the worst album covers. They're just lazy. I read that interview Menju posted and yes, I see that there's a lot of work involved on it. But it still looks lazy, uninspired. A good picture of PJ related to England could've been better for LES, for instance. But in general I dislike covers with drawings instead of pictures, don't know why.
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    Ok well how about your itunes album pics for all the b-sides?? What do you use?

    I like MOST of the single covers. This is probably my all-time favorite PJ sleeve:

    I also love and use these for the according b-sides:

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    I remember when I was 16 the cover of Rid of Me freaked me out so bad I had it turned backwards in the jewel case for about two years. Now it's one of my favorite covers ever, but it just struck me as so intense and dark at the time that I couldn't bear to look at it.

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