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Thread: Elijah Wood says Hollywood is filled with pedophiles

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    Elijah Wood says Hollywood is filled with pedophiles

    are they all after him ?

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    I can't say I am surprised. And I do not doubt him a tiny bit. People argue about Woody Allen. Look - that man married his stepdaughter. People in Hollywood worship him. A lot of them, probably because he married his stepdaughter. People in Hollywood spend their time living in a fantasy world, and that is literally their job. To create and sustain and live in an actual fantasy world, totally separate from ours but overlapping it in the sense that it takes place on the same planet. It may as well be taking place on a different planet. What matters is not where they are physically, but where they are in their heads. Most of them are completely gone. You and I sitting here think of Hollywood as a fantasy world. Well, those people live their lives, but to them, their reality is a fantasy world. They are famous. They cannot put a foot wrong. They do have people surrounding them, telling them what to wear, where to go, what their personality is for the next few years while they shoot this or that. There is no distinction between fantasy and reality... they probably live in a constant state of suppressed psychosis.

    They have people who feed them drugs, abuse them, bind them to their abusers in contracts, threaten to sue them if they do not abide by those contracts, set them up on dates with psychopaths or other people's husbands or wives, tip off the paparazzi as to where they are, tip off people who hate each other as to where the other is, have them show up and argue and have it recorded and call it, rather obliquely, "Reality Television". And probably, they have people who actually threaten their lives, and yes, probably sometimes kill them, and since it is Hollywood, this is probably done in a very dramatic way whenever it happens. Think of the Mafia. Their business is to kill, and they by virtue of their business end up with a certain dramatic flair. Why is it so difficult to imagine that in Hollywood, where their business is to create drama and storylines (inspired often by the criminal), sometimes they might veer into actual crime and then be the very people who would be expertly able to cover that up? And that maybe the crime would have a certain amount of money behind it, and a certain flair to it, and a certain organisation, that everyone has to put up with it and perhaps even be forced to participate in some kind of initiation so as to ensure that once they're in, they are in without release, and the secrets remain secret? Why would they kill anyone? Simply because there was nothing left to sue them for. Some of them probably know about the nature of Hollywood beforehand but are all about it, and deliberately pimp out their kids to get into this circle. Or kill people to get into this circle. Or maybe they all just go and spend time very convincingly pretending to do all these things, before going home to put their feet into a pair of slippers and sip a cup of tea and talk about how glad they are that their real lives are so boring.

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    Our society is full of pedophiles. Too often kids from broken homes are abused by a step-parent or some other family member or family "friend." It's usually the underclass that suffers the most - I cannot imagine how difficult it is for a child in foster care who is bounced from home to home.

    Quote Originally Posted by zippo
    They have people who feed them drugs, abuse them, bind them to their abusers in contracts, threaten to sue them if they do not abide by those contracts, set them up on dates with psychopaths
    Abusing drugs, being exposed to psychopathic behavior, having your life threatened, enduring terrible marriages (marriage is a contract after all) and other horrible stuff happens to all kinds of people - these things are not just occurring within the realm of Hollywood. We hear more about Tinsel Town atrocities because celebrities attract media attention but that doesn't minimize the injuries which are inflicted upon those who are neither wealthy nor famous.

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    Is there an interview where Elijah says this? Just want to read it is all.

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    He originally spoke with The Times:

    Now he is clarifying that it's not from personal experience but rather something he learned in a documentary he watched:

    But it should come as no surprise this has been happening for a long time. It's pretty well known that some people with power and money (the church, Hollywood, professional sports, music business, etc.) have been involved in things like drugs, rape, and pedophilia, and often use that wealth and influence to cover it up or make it go away.

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