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Thread: Super Bowl Half Time Show 2017

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    I think Taylor Swift will do it eventually. Also maybe Rihanna or Adele.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VampireTampon View Post
    But my absolute favorite part was her so-called belly!!! First of all... Wtf, people!?!??!? Can that even be considered a "belly"!? Because if it can, then most people are hypocritical porkers for criticizing her. Anyway, she has a perfectly normal, beautiful body and I love that she showed it off! I'm tired of all this chiseled abs Hollywood bullshit where people have to dedicate half their life to getting a body part just right. I'm not saying people shouldn't eat healthy nor exercise, but I think people's bodies are different and sometimes it may not be possible to get a certain body type.
    I thought she looked the best she's ever looked TBH. And I agree completely with Ryan - she made a political statement but not in a vulgar attention-seeking way, I don't think she could have handled it any better. Plus the fact that it was great to be reminded of how good she was at her commercial peak.
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    I thought it was okay, not bad but not amazing. Madonna's halftime show was much better to me. The imagery she used was more interesting and Like A Prayer was much more moving. Even though she's older, Madonna is a much better dancer.

    It was a very nostalgiac show. That's fine for an older artist in their forties and fifties, but it seems odd for someone like Gaga who is still in her twenties, in some ways just starting her career. Shouldn't she be pushing the envelope forward instead of doing old hits? I think a guest could have added something to Gaga's performance, but I think she is the type of performer who doesn't like the share the stage with anyone.

    I feel now with having had Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and now Gaga, they're overdone the female singer with the choreography thing. It gets kind of dull. I would like to see in future years a band or something a bit different.
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    Well, they had Coldplay last year.... who everyone seems to forget was the actual headliner because Bey showed up

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    I loved it. The only part of the superbowl I watched, other than checking in at the end because I was hearing fireworks going off like crazy and I was like "Wtf is going on. The patriots lost. They were so far behind during Gaga's show..."

    When I rewatched yesterday, I cried. Her message came through loud and clear if you looked past the sparkles and glitter and drama.

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    It all just made me so sad that a pop star singing one of her biggest hits from eight years ago is a political statement now. I feel like we've already rolled back so much of the progress we made.

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    Man, that performance really reminded me how much I love The Fame and Fame Monster and the former's aesthetic. My favorite part, honestly, was the intro with the Dance in the Dark synth line. Outside of Born This Way/Judas, her choreography's never been very good; for me, it was always about the humor and goofy spectacle – I think she did a great job with the latter here.
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    I loved it. I did find it odd, however, that the entire performance was classic Gaga and not more Joanne themed. I thought she'd come out in the pink hat and perform more than one track off the new album. Anyway, just an observation. I thought what she did was amazing.
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    I had to watch it again to really appreciate it. I think I was waiting from some cringe-worthy political statement from her that would overshadow her performance, so I'm glad that moment never came.

    When I watched it the first time I was disappointed she performed nothing from ARTPOP and only "A Million Reasons" from Joanne. If she performed any song from Joanne I thought it would have been "Perfect Illusion" since the NFL had been using that song during the season to promote upcoming games. But like others have said, I think she wanted to remind everyone why they loved her in the first place by playing the hits, and what better venue to do that than at the Super Bowl.

    I'm reading online that Joanne will move up to #3 on Billboard with 60K in sales

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeEP View Post
    I think Taylor Swift will do it eventually. Also maybe Rihanna or Adele.
    We were having this conversation at a Super Bowl party I was at--what huge singers/bands are left that haven't done the Super Bowl? And those were the first three names that came up--Rihanna, Adele, and Taylor Swift. Adele apparently was offered to do the show this year and turned it down.

    I think Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 are also possibilities. Like them or not, they're hit machines and have been around for a while. Perhaps Drake? Kanye would be awesome but he's probably too controversial.

    Also, they occasionally have either a classic rock or classic singer-songwriter headline (Springsteen, Tom Petty, etc). There are some acts like that that could fit the bill that haven't done it--Billy Joel and Elton John spring to mind.

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    Gaga did a great job, though I wish she included Edge of Glory in the set. It seemed fitting for the occasion.

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