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Thread: Make an album out of bees!

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    Lightbulb Make an album out of bees!

    In order to get into some of the more obscure b-sides I have started making sequenced playlists of album era b-sides, kind of like as an alternate to the album. little earthquakes and boys for Pele have enough in order to make playlists of just those albums b-sides. here's the one I made for Pele, now I want to see yours! When I make these playlist I try to structure them similarly to how the actual album is sequenced and I don't include live songs or cover songs.

    1. Sucker
    2. Alamo
    3. Sister Named Desire
    4. To the Fair Motormaids of Japan
    5. (Intro) Hungarian Wedding Song
    6. Walk to Dublin (Sucker Reprise)
    7. Beulah Land
    8. Cooling
    9. Hey Jupiter (The Dakota Version)
    10. (Intro) Graveyard
    11. Samurai
    12. Never Seen Blue
    13. Frog on My Toe
    14. Toodles Mr. Jim

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    From Here to Russia: Twenty Five Bees Over Twenty Five Years

    Here. In My Head
    Upside Down
    Ode To The Banana King
    Take To The Sky
    Flying Dutchman
    The Pool
    Sugar (solo)
    Sister Janet
    Hungarian Wedding Song
    Never Seen Blue
    Ruby Through The Looking Glass
    All The Girls Hate Her
    Purple People
    Operation Peter Pan
    Black Swan
    Forest Of Glass

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