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Thread: Worst shows of each tour?

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    Worst shows of each tour?

    So this :
    When I clicked on this, my mind read this as top 3 worst shows of each tour, and I had some popcorn all ready to go.
    comment by halo eighteen inspired this thread. I've only been to one show so I'm curious as to what you guys think.

    Sorry if this was discussed before.

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    I feel like Wallingford 2005 has gotten some flak before, but 2005 is honestly a field day for this topic. For my personal attendances, Detroit 2005 and Chicago 2009 kind of missed the mark. I realize it's kind of a cop out to pick shows from her "worst" tours, but that's honestly all that really comes to mind.

    DVD/filmed shows like East Lansing '98, Welcome to Sunny Florida and Live from the Artists Den probably shouldn't count.

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