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Thread: US Elections 2020 - These little earthquakes. Here we go again.

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    I feel the exact same way @Ryan..and I was just on Twitter which always makes it seeing fellow democrats going after Mayor Pete already for some dumb comment he made about Hillary today. And I’m not saying he’s immune to criticism but I really do think these days with the endless news/social media cycle we tear our own candidates to shreds to the point that it really does the GOP a favor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeEP View Post
    with the endless news/social media cycle we tear our own candidates to shreds to the point that it really does the GOP a favor.
    Republicans don't self harm this way to nearly the same extent, and they absolutely reap the benefits of their relative solidarity.

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    ^ Yup.

    There is a lot of criticism today from NeverTrump Republicans about the issues Dems are bringing up. Elizabeth Warren has been talking about the electoral college. Why? As Rick Wilson pointed out, you only have so much “real estate” as a candidate for the issues you find important, and Republicans and moderates are not going to vote against Trump if that’s the issue she feels important enough to run on. It’s idealistic, it’s lofty, but it’s never going to happen in the near future even if lots of us think it’s antiquated and stupid.

    They need to run on real issues, most importantly all the unpopular shit that Trump has broken or attacked that polls the lowest for him. Dems have had two years to watch this administration and see its weak points with the voting population, and they should have been galvanized into fixing those issues. I don’t see that happening yet.

    Republicans are amazing at branding. “Lock her up,” “death panels,” “fake news,” “no collusion,” etc. They come up with some outrageous, simplistic, sensational catchphrase to scare their base and then every one of them, from local county elections to the national ones, parrots it ad nauseam to drill it into the brains of their base. Democrats need to learn that.

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    Republicans fall in line; Democrats fall in love.

    And it's hard because I don't want to fall in line behind tone-deaf shit like this

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    Twitter has always been terrible to follow politics on. Unfortunately it is the platform where everything goes down. I've just been unfollowing a ton of accounts. I care less about everyone's hot take. Every fucking person has one. I wish I could just do a blanket ban on think pieces. I can see my feed in the next month turning into just Washington Post, NY Times, and music blogs.

    I do think in the real world, most people cannot give two shits about the Dem primary right now. It is way too early and there are way too many people. The news cycle moves so quick. It is absolutely pointless to get invested in anything right now. The people arguing on twitter right now are activists, Russian trolls, and journalists trying to one up each other. No thank you.

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