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Thread: US Elections 2020 - These little earthquakes. Here we go again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regina Phalange View Post
    I think Warren doesn't want her nuanced $ shortened and used as a bludgeon against her. The net cost to most people, especially the non-wealthy, would be less but most people are dumb and would freak out over higher taxes. EVEN IF TAKE HOME PAY WOULD BE MORE. Even if being tied to a terrible job you can't leave bc the healthcare is too good is a worry you wouldn't have. Or going over your lifetime allotments. Or catastrophic emergencies. People are dumb and can't do math. She SHOULD have had a good way to say though. And I agree about it.
    I totally get she doesn't want to give them the sound bite, but she needs to do a better job of not looking like she is avoiding it.

    I wasn't pleased with Mayor Pete at all. Someone called him a Log Cabin Republican in disguise so now I can't think of him differently. The longer he's in the race, the less I like him.
    This shit drives me crazy. I really hate how if a Democrat doesn't check every progressive box they are labelled a Republican by the left. Because this will surely bring people together and not alienate people.

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    I wouldn't have thought of him as a Republican as much if he had touted himself instead of attacking Warren. Being an asshole isn't exclusively a GOP thing but that's where my mind goes. And he won't stop taking shots today. Unfair ones. She isn't untouchable but what are they all doing? They're not gonna take her down and do they really want Biden to beat her? Ugh. PRACTICAL centrism is ... practical. That's fine. But the more center candidates can't seem to accept that lefties exist and we never get our fucking way.

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