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Thread: just me and my photo thread..

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    Yes, they're absolutely good enough to sell
    chillin in kyoto grand with my man Skrill

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    I haven't really been taking many pics lately - but here's a couple i took yesterday. It's a shame there wasn't a pattern/detailed sky on the dusk one, but i don't go to liverpool that often so had to make do, plus we were late and had to set off home! These were just a couple on my old Sx110, they're hand held so i'm amazed i was still enough (forgot my mini tripod), it was a bloody cold day, but nice to go out for valentines, and a bonus if i take a couple of snaps as well

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    I didn't mean to neglect my own thread and this forum, my new year promise to myself is to get into taking more pictures, and being around more.

    This is a pic from a couple of years ago to start me off. It's not great but it's not bad, i have a few in different crops, but this is the original.

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    These 2 were from november in london the day of the albert hall Tori gig, can't decide which looks better..?

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    I can see why you can't decide. I love them both!
    "You can't believe most of the quotes you read on the Internet." --Abraham Lincoln

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    Here's a few of the concert photos i've taken the last few years. I don't take many, it distracts from the gig in a way, but i like what i've taken

    I plastered copyright all over as the paul forum members have a habit of stealing peoples pictures and passing them as their own

    Edit to say i see photobucket has compressed and shrunk it, ah well, the orig looks clear but you can get the idea from this one

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    5 years ago i took a photo every day for the entire year, and made it into a giant poster (by my own hand, not one of these auto progs where it drops the pictures into boxes for you, it was just me and paint-shop-pro!).

    Here's a mini mini mini version, but you get the idea. There's a 30 x 20 inch version in a frame on the wall, so each day shows up as 1 x 1.5inches. Just big enough to see what it is of.

    I'm doing another one this year, but different shape, and to make it not look too samey as 2007 each month is a theme (a lame theme i admit - like January was the cats, Feb was football, March my mum, April the outdoors, May is my partner, June will be the house and garden, July will be me, and after that i'm not sure yet!). The first one i think i was too conscious of making some blocks colourful and not all blending into one, instead of just taking stuff and putting it together months later. I'm trying to be less strict this time.

    I know it's quite a common thing to make - anyone else done one?

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    That is awesome: both that you did a photo a day for one year AND that you compiled them into a collage. I've not done a "365", but I know there are some Flickr groups for that. Might give it a try in 2013.

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    I attempted my second one this year and failed out again. I just reach a point where I get utterly bored with it. The first year I just went with snapshots; this time I thought would be a lot easier since I have been doing Project 52 all of last year and again this year... having a theme and assignments and such. I got tired of doing the daily photo, though - I went from snapshots to trying to actually make a worthy thought-out photo and think I overdid it; I just don't have that kind of time and motivation.

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    Thanks Kala, i think it's worth doing so def give it a go

    And i'm not saying it didn't become a pain somedays, running around at 11pm thinking i haven't took one what can i take! But every day is genuinely on the correct day, i didn't miss any.

    But i think the trick to not getting bored of it is to make a collage/poster (even though your days are small to see). If i was just taking pictures and sticking them on the computer and not thinking about what to do with them til the end of the year i think it would be easy to end up viewing it as a pain and lack motivation, a bit like Em. But once a week i went through my pictures, and pasted them onto my giant empty tiff, so the poster grew before my eyes so that once i got half way through the year i could see the potential and couldn't wait to fill the thing! It didn't take up as much time of your day as you would think. But yeah, i concentrated on just making edges not be similar colours and having some stand out, if they were full size pictures a lot of them are nothing special and just snaps. But i like it on the wall, it's behind me as i type

    here's a crop of 2 sections of that tiny one above, you can see none are exactly wonderful arty photos, some are cat snaps, others a little more thought (but not much!), some just cos the whole thing needed a splurge of colour in that corner, and a couple of nice views!

    Bottom right hand edge

    and left between middle and top

    and tiny version of all of it again!

    it looks good as a one piece, but i know it isn't the artiest thing in the world, but 80% of the pictures mean something to me so it's a personal thing.
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    a handful of new ones from the last few weeks - i had my annual creative burst.. i wish i lived there *deep sigh*

    Each sunset pic is a different night btw, in a different town.

    I'm still just with my old SX110 Canon camera, jpegs only, and no photoshop done on these except to sharpen once after i'd shrunk them and added the border. They turned out ok (i think?!)
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    I'm trying to get back into taking pictures, finally got a newer camera as well in a sale - i knew the financies for this family are about to die so it was buy it now or never ever ever move up from my Sx110, so i got my G12 that i'd fancied for ages, it was reduced cos they've brought out the G15. I know it's not an SLR, but i know i'll never be able to get one of those, so am happy to try and make do

    Anyway, if anyone does still read ignore my waffle and please give honest feedback on any pics i post... please, i need to kick myself into doing more with my pictures. I've never tried to sell or do anything really, always built up the "i'm not good enough" in my own head, but i need to give this more of a go, so honest feedback is very much welcome.

    Just 3 for now, i dragged myself out with my camera a couple of weeks ago (literally made myself, i haven't been in the mood to do anything except feel down!). It's hard to tell whether they're too bright or not bright enough, cos this monitor looks good but the one i use with my sisters old PC makes everything look washed out and pale, yet it's meant to be set up right, so i din't know

    Do black and white water shots work or do you think it just looks too blah?

    Photobucket seem to compress things to smaller than the upload now, so they don't look as sharp as what i tried to upload!
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    The black and white shots are really nice! They look classic
    You don't have to do everything all by yourself.

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    ^ Thank you

    I'm always a little unsure.

    edit - the new links i just posted aren't working
    i'll reupload i think i did it wrong!
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    trying again with photobucket - voila!

    *edit shit they're just not working, i'm a dunce

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